Victorians Institute Journal

Volume 39, 2011



Special Section: Teaching Victorian Literature in the 21st Century

Jennifer Phegley, guest editor




9 Jennifer Phegley

 “Pedagogy ‘Up-To-Date with a Vengeance’: Teaching Victorian Literature in the Twenty-First Century”




29 Cheryl A. Wilson

 “Embodying Victorian Literature in the Classroom”


47 Andrea Kaston Tange

 “Nineteenth-Century British Childhoods: Teaching at  the Nexus of Children, Empire and Visual Culture”


71 Helena Michie

 “Teaching Archives”


95 Teresa Mangum, Deborah Manion, and Nathan Culmer

 “Collaborative, Creative, and Cumulative: Students, Teachers, and Technologists Building the University of Iowa’s Victorian Wiki”





119 Deborah Denenholz Morse

 “MLA’s Approaches to Teaching Series: Bleak House, Wuthering Heights, and other Victorian volumes”


127 David E. Latané

 “A Companion to Companions”


135 Deborah Maltby

 “Leather-bound, no-frills, or critical edition?   Choosing a teaching edition of a Victorian novel”




145 Alexander Chase-Levenson

 “The Near East and the West End: Spectacle, History, and the Presentation of the Ancient Near East in   Britain, 1820-1860”

 2010 Winner of the Victorians Institute Patrick Scott Graduate Paper Competition


171 Timothy Carens

 “Irish Colonial Marriage in Diana of the Crossways”


203 Lynn M. Linder

 “Dual-ing Diaries, Intersecting Identities: Victorian Subjectivity and Dinah Mulock Craik’s A Life for a Life”


227 Justin Prystash

 “Fertilizing Darwin’s Flowers: Feminist Narratives of Evolutionary Botany”


259 Susan B. Taylor

 “Branwell BrontĎ’s “Sonnet I. On Landseer’s Painting  —‘The Shepherd’s Cheif [sic] Mourner’” and   Nineteenth-Century Images of Canine Fidelity”


293 Jennifer Conary

 “’Things of the heart and mind’: Gender and Philanthropy in George Gissing’s Thyrza


317 Kevin A. Morrison

 “Cultural Embeddedness, Gendered Exclusions: The Symbolic Landscapes of Middlemarch”





337 Mary Ellis Gibson

 Rev. of The Empire Inside: Indian Commodities in Victorian Domestic Novels, by Suzanne Daly


342 Margaret Beetham

 Rev. of Women’s Authorship and Editorship in Victorian Culture, by Beth Palmer


345 Linda M. Shires

 Rev. of Poetry, Pictures, and Popular Publishing: The Illustrated Gift Book and Victorian Visual Culture 1855–1875, by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra


348 Pamela K. Gilbert

 Rev. of The Social Life of Fluids: Blood, Milk and Water in the Victorian Novel, by Jules Law


351 Eileen Cleere

 Rev. of Feeling for the Poor: Bourgeois Compassion, Social Action & The Victorian Novel, by Carolyn Betensky


354 Devon Fisher

 Rev. of Poetics of Luxury in the Nineteenth Century: Keats, Tennyson, and Hopkins, by Betsy Winakur Tontiplaphol


356 Daniel A. Novak

 Rev. of About Faces: Physiognomy in Nineteenth-Century Britain, by Sharrona Pearl


360 Philip Harling

 Rev. of After Ruskin: The Social and Political Legacies of a Victorian Prophet, 1870-1920, by Stuart Eagles


363 Bradley Deane

 Rev. of Masculinities in British Adventure Fiction, 1880-1915, by Joseph A. Kestner



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Best of the Victorians Institute Conference 2011


Winter Jade Werner

“Competing Cosmopolitanisms in Bleak House”

Winner of the Patrick Scott Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

(An expanded version of this essay will be included in Volume 40 of Victorians Institute Journal.)


Ann M. Mazur

“The Air of Periperformativity in Little Dorrit

Honorable Mention for the Patrick Scott Prize


Julia McCord Chavez

“Charles Dickens and Authentic Happiness: Theorizing the Good Life in a Materialistic World”


Claudia Martin

“Since the Law’s a Bachelor: Reconsidering the Epistemology of Dickens’s Grumpy Frumpy Woman of Property”


Joe Oestreich

“Knights of the Napkin: Waiters as Class-Enforcers in David Copperfield”


Casey Cothran

“One Eye Fixed, One Eye Rolling: Critical Thinking in the Midst of Hard Times”


Kirsten Andersen

“Performing Dickens and Playing with Genre: Dramatic and Fictional Biographies”


Adam McCune

“A Crocodile Overcome: Idleness, Busyness, and Mischief in David Copperfield”


Patrick Scott

“Gift-Wrapping the Hungry Forties: Format vs. Text in Dickens’s Christmas Books”


Thomas Prasch

“Social and Antisocial Contracts: Voices and Locations of Tradition and Dissent in Barnaby Rudge





Jennifer Hayward

Rev. of X Marks the Spot:  Women Writers Map the Empire for British Children, 1790-1895, by Megan A. Norcia


Sumangala Bhattacharya

Rev. of Alimentary Tracts: Appetites, Aversions, and the Postcolonial, by Parama Roy


Katherine Dunagan Osborne

Rev. of Victorian Jewelry, Identity, and the Novel: Prisms of Culture, by Jean Arnold


Anita Rose

Rev. of The Literary Monster on Film:  Five Nineteenth Century British Novels and Their Cinematic Adaptations, by Abigail Burnham Bloom


Maria K. Bachman

Rev. of The Pleasures of Memory: Learning to Read with Charles Dickens, by Sarah Winter, and Dickens and Mass Culture, by Juliet John


Sebastian Lecourt

Rev. of The Science of Religion in Britain, 1860-1915, by Marjorie Wheeler-Barclay


Melissa Free

Rev. of Victorian Settler Narratives: Emigrants, Cosmopolitans and Returnees in Nineteenth-Century Literature, edited by Tamara S. Wagner


Noah Heringman

Rev. of The Culture of Nature in Britain, 1680-1860, by P. M. Harman


Karen Laird

Rev. of Emma Darwin: A Victorian Life, by James D. Loy and Kent M. Loy; The Other Dickens: A Life of Catherine Hogarth, by Lillian Nayder; and The Magnificent Mrs Tennant: The Adventurous Life of Gertrude Tennant, Victorian Grande Dame, by David Waller


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