Victorians Institute Meetings

Alphabetical list of presenters at Victorians Institute meetings


"Charles Dickens: Past, Present, and Future"
       •  Myrtle Beach, SC
       •   Keynote Speaker: Audrey Jaffe, University of Toronto
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  • 2010

    "By the Numbers: The Victorian Quantification of Everything; or From Zero to NINES in Under Two Centuries"
           •  University of Virginia
           •   Keynote Speaker: Dan Cohen, George Mason University
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  • 2009

    "Creativity and the Arts in Victorian Culture"
           •  Converse College
           •   Keynote Speaker: Linda Peterson, Yale University
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  • 2008

    "Disrupting Victorian Studies: Inconvenient Facts, Shocking Discoveries, Surprising Events, Forgotten Voices, Unknown Writings, Mangled
           •  University of South Carolina
           •   Keynote Speaker: Ian Duncan, University of California at Berkeley
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  • 2007

    "Victorian Secrets"
           •  University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
           •  Organizer: Albert Pionke
           •   Keynote Speaker: John Kucich, Rutgers University
  • Program

  • 2006

    "Gender and Reform in Victorian Culture"
           •  Converse College
           •  Organizer: Anita Rose
           •   Keynote Speaker: Alison Booth, University of Virginia
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  • 2005

    "The Nine Lives of Victorian Poetry"
           •  University of North Carolina at Greensboro
           •  Organizer: Mary Ellis Gibson
           •   Keynote Speaker: Tricia Lootens, University of Georgia
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  • 2003

    "'A Fit Absence of Mind': Literature, Society, and the Scramble for the British Empire"
           •  Western Kentucky University
           •  Organizer: Deborah Logan
           •   Keynote Speaker: Sally Mitchell, Temple University
  • Program

  • 2002
  • "The Military in Nineteenth-Century England"
  • The Citadel
  • Organizers: Suzanne Ozment, Frances Frame
  • Plenary Speaker: Kathleen McCormack, Florida International University
  • Concluding Keynote: John Reed, Wayne State University, "The Thinly Read Line: Victorian Literary Representations of the Military"
  • Program
  • 2001
  • "Victoria among the Victorians"
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Organizers: Beverly Taylor, Laurie Langbauer
  • Plenary Speakers:
  • Concluding Keynote:
  • Program
  • 2000
  • "This strange disease of modern life": Victorian Illness, Health & Medicine
  • University of South Carolina, Columbia
  • Organizer: Patrick Scott
  • Plenary Speakers: Beverly Taylor, UNC-Chapel Hill, "Gender and the Politics of Illness in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poetry"; Maria Frawley, University of Delaware, "Bedroom Prophets, Sickroom Saints: Women, Invalidism, and 19th Century Commonplace Books"
  • Concluding Keynote: Antony H. Harrison, North Carolina State University, "Sickness and Christina Rossetti"
  • Program
  • 1999
  • "Framing the Victorians: 1830s / 1890s"
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  • Organizers: Nicholas Frankel and David Latane
  • Keynote: John Maynard, New York University, "The Framers Framed: Discourse Networks 2000"
  • Program
  • 1998
  • "Unruly Bodies: Victorian Liberals, Liberal Governance, and the Liberal Imagination"
  • West Virginia University, Morgantown
  • Organizers: Hayden Ward and John Lamb
  • Keynote: Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University, "The Irish Famine and the Limits of Victorian Liberalism"
  • Program
  • 1997

  • "The Victorian Classroom"
  • James Madison University, Harrisonburg
  • Organizers: Gerald W. Farrar and Annette Federico
  • Keynote: Sally Mitchell, Temple University, "Learning to Teach: A Victorian Experience"
  • Program
  • 1996

  • "When Money Talked (And How): Victorian Negotiations"
  • The University of Virginia, Charlottesville
  • Organizer: Herbert F. Tucker, Jr.
  • Keynote:
  • Program
  • 1995

  • "Thomas Carlyle and Victorian Cultural Critique"
  • The University of South Carolina
  • Organizer: Patrick Scott
  • Keynote: Clyde de L. Ryals, Duke University
  • Program
  • 1994

  • The University of Richmond
  • Organizers: Elizabeth Gruner and Charlotte Oberg
  • Keynote: Hilary M. Schor, University of Southern California
  • Program
  • 1993

  • "Scientific Fantasies and Fantastic Science"
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Organizer: Beverly Taylor
  • Keynote: Nina Auerbach, University of Pennsylvania
  • Program
  • 1992

  • "Tennyson 2000"
  • College of Charleston, South Carolina
  • Organizer: Dennis Goldsberry
  • Keynote: Herbert F. Tucker, Jr., The University of Virginia
  • Program
  • 1991

  • "Utopian Visions: The Politics of Arts & Crafts in the 19th Century"
  • High Point University, North Carolina
  • Organizer: Lee Baker
  • Keynote:
  • Program
  • 1990

  • "The Globalized Victorian"
  • Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Organizer: Sussan Hanna
  • Keynote:
  • Program
  • 1989

  • "Victorian Mixed Media / Browning Centennial"
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  • Organizer: David Latane
  • Keynote: George Landow, Brown University
  • Program
  • 1988

  • "Culture and Education in Victorian England"
  • University of South Carolina, Columbia, and Columbia College
  • Organizers: Patrick Scott, Jerold Savory, William B. Thesing
  • Keynote: Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University
  • Program
  • 1987

  • "Victorian Gender Issues"
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Organizer: Beverly Taylor
  • Keynote: Elaine Showalter, Princeton University
  • Program
  • 1986

  • "Religion and Literature in Victorian England"
  • The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Organizers: Terry Meyers, Nat Elliott, Fraser Neiman, and Jim Livingston
  • Keynote: Jerome McGann, The University of Virginia
  • Program
  • 1985

  • "The Uses of the Past in Victorian Culture"
  • Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
  • Organizer: John Pfordresher
  • Keynote: A. Dwight Culler, Yale University, "Victorian Culture and the Uses of the Past"
  • Program
  • 1984

  • The Citadel, Charleston, SC
  • Organizer: Suzanne Edwards
  • Keynote: Richard Altick, Ohio State University
  • Program
  • 1983

  • "The Victorian Audience"
  • Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia
  • Organizers: Mary Saunders and Michael Lund
  • Keynote: Jerome Beatty, Emory University
  • Program
  • 1982

  • "The Profession of Authorship in the Victorian Period"
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg
  • Organizers: Virginia Fowler and Nancy Metz
  • Keynote: Jerome H. Buckley, "The Victorian Profession of Authorship"
  • Program
  • 1981

  • "Conference on Aestheticism"
  • Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
  • Organizer: Joseph Sendry
  • Keynote: Stanley Weintraub, Pennsylvania State University, "The Peacock in His Peacock Room: Whistler and the Aesthetic Rebellion" (presented in the Freer Gallery)
  • Program
  • 1980

  • Organizer:

  • 1979

  • Organizer:

  • 1978

  • West Virginia University
  • Organizers: John Stasny and Hayden Ward

  • 1977

  • Organizer:

  • 1976

  • Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina
  • Organizer: James Byer
  • Keynote: J. O. Bailey
  • 1975

  • "William Morris"
  • The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Organizers: Terry Meyers, Nat Elliott, and Fraser Neiman
  • Keynote: W.E. Fredeman, University of British Columbia, "What may he not yet do"
  • 1974

  • Organizer:

  • 1973

  • "The 1890's"
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Organizer:
  • Keynote: Morse Peckham, University of South Carolina
  • 1972

  • "The Pre-Raphaelites"
  • North Carolina State University, Raleigh
  • Organizer: Harry Hargrave
  • Keynote: Joseph Sloane, UNC-CH, "Victorian Art: A Slide Lecture"
  • 1971

  • "Charles Dickens"
  • Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia
  • Organizer: Rosemary Sprague
  • Keynote: none
  • 1970

  • n/a
  • Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia
  • Organizers: Rosemary Sprague, Longwood College; Harry Hargrave, North Carolina State University
  • Keynote: n/a


    "The Globalized Victorian"

    In Plenary Session

    Friday, 19 October

    Victorian Ladies Abroad

    1. "Subversive Voyagers: Victorian Women Travellers," Deborah Morse, College of William and Mary
    2. "A Natural Storyteller, Mary Kingsley," Zsuzsanna D. Snow, SUNY-Buffalo
    3. "Noor-Ala-Noor, Lady Duff Gordon in Egypt," Charisse Gendron, Middle Tennessee State Univ.
    Saturday, 20 October

    Victorians, Exotic Landscapes, Foreign Art

    1. "Subverting the Western Gaze: Augustus Earle's Landscape Paintings of New Zealand," Nancy West, University of North Carolina
    2. "Middlemarch: Dorothea's Husbands in the Vatican Museums," Kathleen McCormack, Florida International University
    3. "'Unmixed Play' or 'Deep Play?' Victorian Mountaineering and the Conquest of the Alps," Heather Henderson, Mount Holyoak College
    The Contradictions of Imperialism
    1. "'We and the World': Juliana Horatio Ewing and Victorian Colonialism for Children," Donald Hall, University of Maryland
    2. "The Spectre of Self as Spectacle: Masks as Methodology, or the Empiricism of Empire," Kristine Taya Liknn-Torre, University of Washington
    3. "Victorian Travellers and China," Susan Thurin, University of Wisconsin-Stout
    4. "The Direct and Indirect Discourse of Imperialism: Problems in Reading H. Rider Haggard," David Bradshaw, Earren Wilson College
    5. "Minding the Body Politic: Disciplining the Empire at Home in Victorian Dedtective Fiction," Ronald Thomas, Trinity College
    6. "Gendering War: The Boer Concentration Camps," Paula M. Krebs, Indiana University

    Keynote Address "The Invasion of Imperialism," Deirdre David, Temple University


    "Culture and Education in Victorian England"

    Friday, 14 October
    An Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan

    Saturday, 15 October

    In Plenary Session

    The Universities and High Cultural Definition

    1. "Edinburgh, Oxford, Christminster: Self and Society in Victorian England," Michael Timko, QueenÍs College and CUNY Graduate Center
    2. "Newmanic vs. Arnoldian Purposes in Education," Wendell V. Harris, Pennsylvania State University
    3. Response on Arnold by John Greenfield, McKendree College
    4. Remarks, Morse Peckham, University of South Carolina
    Issues of Gender and Control
    1. "Learning to Punish: Victorian ChildrenÍs Literature," John R. Reed, Wayne State University
    2. "The Mother in the Factory: Pestalozzi at the Crossroads of Victorian Discourses on Education and Gender," Karen Hornick, Columbia University
    3. "Harriet Martineau's Household Education: Revising the Feminine Tradition," Linda Peterson, Yale University
    Cultural Institutions and Educational Practice
    1. "Pedagogy, Practice, and Production: Student Tutoring Then and Now," Myron Tuman, University of Alabama
    2. "The Guidebook and the Museum: Aesthetics, Education, and Nationalism in the British Museum," Inderpal Grewal, George mason University
    3. "Visual Images of Victorian Schooling: Art as Document and Propaganda," Leslie Ann Williams, Indiana University
    Keynote Address: "How Oliver Twist Learned to Read, and What He Read," Patrick Brantlinger, Indiana University


    "Religion and Literature in Victorian England"

    In Plenary Session

    1. "St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, Ireland," C. M. Smart, Jr.
    2. "Tennyson, Keble, and the Altered Significance of The Christian Year," Patrick Scott, The University of South Carolina
    3. "Can We Trust Newman's Apologia?" Frank Turner, Yale University.
    4. "Theology or Phenomenology: The Tension between Faith and Perception in Gerard Manley Hopkins," Ashton Nichols
    5. "Walter Pater's Two Apollos," Robert Keefe
    6. "Rewriting Revelation: The Autobiographer as Idolator in Gosses's Father and Son," Heather Henderson
    7. "Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, and the 'Undying Life' Within," Judith Farr
    8. "'Has Christianity Benefited Women?': The Question of Romola," Robin Sheets
    Keynote Address:
    "Christina Rossetti and the Antithesis of Faith," Jerome J. McGann, The University of Virginia.


    "The Uses of the Past in Victorian Culture"

    In Plenary Session

    I. The Past in Victorian Visual Arts

    1. "The Taming of the Past: Domesticating History in the Novel and Painting," Judith L. Fisher, University of Texas at San Antonio
    2. "The Force of the Past: The Perseus Legend and the Mythology of 'Rescue' in Nineteenth-Century British Art," Joseph Kestner, The University of Tulsa
    3. "The Creative Eclecticism of William Burges. The Use of Historic Allusion," C.M. Smart, University of Arkansas

    II. Remaking the Past

    1. "Christina Rossetti's Dante," Antony Harrison, North Carolina State University
    2. "Inventing the Italian renaissance in Early Victorian England," Alan Johnson, University of Arizona
    3. "Contemporary Fact and Historical Fiction: Romola in Context," Jerome Beaty, Emory University

    III. The Impact of the Past on Language

    1. "The Constitutionalist Idiom: Radical Rhetoric, Reasoning and Action, 1815-1850," James Epstein, University of North Carolina
    2. "Darwin, Language, and the Past," Robert Keefe, University of Massachusetts
    3. "'How Does Cato Die?: Ancient Suicides and Victorian Dilemmas," Barbara T. Gates, University of Delaware

    IV. The Past in the Victorian Novel

    1. "Uses of the Past in Eliot and Thackeray: A Question of Power," Harry E. Shaw, Cornell University
    2. "Anthony Trollope: Freedom and the Past," Roger Slakey, Georgetown University
    3. "Atavism and the Happy Ending of Dracula," John Greenway, University of Kentucky

    V. Keynote Address

    "Victorian Culture and the Uses of the Past," A. Dwight Culler, Yale University

    Abstracts of the essays above were published in Victorians Institute Journal, Volume 14 (1986).



    "The Victorian Audience"

    In Plenary Session

    1. "Tennyson and the Conventions of Madness," Nancy R. Wicker, U.S. Naval Academy
    2. "The Victorian Critics' Dilemma: What To Do with a Talented Poetess," Kay R. Moser, Baylor University
    3. "Sordello's Audiences," David E. Latane, Jr., Auburn University.
    4. "Reading and Misreading in The Eustace Diamonds," Patricia A. Vernon, Auburn University
    5. "Historical Fiction Among the Mid-Victorians," Monika Brown, Pembroke State University
    6. "Ambivalence in the Victorian Audience's Response to the Sensation Novel," Marilyn J. Kurata, University of Alabama in Birmingham
    7. "'The Unknown Public': The Discovery of the Working-Class Audience in Victorian England," Evelyn D. Asch, Shimer College
    8. "Modern Audiences for Victorian Classics," LuAnn Walther, Bantam Books


    Abstracts of the essays abover were published in Victorians Institute Journal, Volume 12 (1984).


    "Aestheticism in Late Nineteenth-Century England"

    GREETING by Joseph Sendry, Chairman, Catholic University Department of English

    WELCOME by Edmund D. Pellegrino, M.D., President of Catholic University

    "Aestheticism and Decadence: An Overview."

    1. "Aestheticism as the Fortuitous Conflation of Alien Forces"
      Wendell V. Harris, Pennsylvania State University

    2. "From Aestheticism to Decadence: Evidence from the Short Story"
      John R. Reed, Wayne State University

    3. Response: Alan Johnson, Arizona State University

    "Aestheticism across the Arts"