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Volume 32 (2004)

Special Feature: Poetry and the Colonies

  • David Latané, "Introduction"
  • John Kinsella, "Henry Clay -- Racist or Not?"
  • Elizabeth Galway, "Poetical Patriotism: Canadian Children's Poetry and Nationalist Discourse in the Late Victorian Period"
  • Mary Ellis Gibson "Poems of Mary Carshore: The Indian Legacy of L.E.L. and Tom Moore"

    Colonial Poems: a Selection

  • Mary Fortune, "Conjuro Te"; Contributed by Lucy Sussex
  • Toru Dutt, "The Legend of Dhruva" and "The Royal Ascetic and the Hind"; Contributed by Chris Foss
  • Thomas Cowherd, "Tinsmith's Song"; Contributed by Kathryn Carter


  • J. Timothy Lovelace, "The Secret of the Gods in Tennyson's 'Tiresias'"
  • Devon Fisher, "In Graceful Service to the Queen (Bee): The Politics of the Hive in Tennyson's The Princess"
  • John Glendening, "Track of the Sphinx: H. G. Wells, the Modern Universe, and the Decay of Aestheticism"
  • Jennifer Geer "'Many Worlds More': Feminine Imagination in Jean Ingelow's Gladys and Her Island and Mopsa the Fairy"
  • Tamara Wagner "Victorian Fictions of the Nerves: Telepathy and Depression in Wilkie Collins’s The Two Destinies"


  • Sascha Auerbach, Rev. of Capital Offenses: Geographies of Class and Crime in Victorian London, by Simon Joyce
  • James H. Murphy, Rev. of Anti-Catholicism and Nineteenth-Century Fiction, by Susan M. Griffin
  • Paul R. Deslandes, Rev. of Masters of Theory: Cambridge and the Rise of Mathematical Physics, Andrew Warwick
  • Christa Zorn, Rev. of Spurious Ghosts: The Fantastic Tales of Vernon Lee, by Mary Patricia Kane
  • Alisa Clapp-Itnyre, Rev. of Sherlock's Sisters: The British Female Detective, 1864-1913, by Joseph A. Kestner
  • Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas Rev. of The Idea of a Colony: Cross-Culturalism in Modern Poetry, by Edward Marx
  • Linda H. Peterson, Rev. of The Hour and the Woman: Harriet Martineau's "Somewhat Remarkable" Life by Deborah Logan, and Writings on Slavery and the American Civil War. and Harriet Martineau's Writing on the British Empire, ed. by Deborah Logan.
  • Kathleen McCormack, Rev. of Bloom: The Botanical Vernacular in the English Novel, by Amy M. King
  • Janet Winston, Rev. of Florence Fenwick Miller: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, and Educator, by Rosemary T. Van Arsdel
  • Editors' Choice --
    Victoria C. Olsen, From Life: The Story of Julia Margaret Cameron and Victorian Photography
    Catherine Robson, Men in Wonderland: The Lost Girlhood of the Victorian Gentleman
    William Baker, Wilkie Collins's Library—a Reconstruction

    Volume 31 (2003)

    Special Feature: Ghosts of the Victorian

  • Elisabeth Gruner, "Introduction"
  • Sally Harris, "Spiritual Warnings: The Ghost Stories of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu"
  • Samuel L. Gladden, "Passages: The Long and Difficult Death of the Victorian Era, 1893-1945"
  • Deborah Logan, "'No voice is hushed': Ada McGrath's Buried Life"
  • Louisa A. Hadley, "Spectres of the Past: A. S. Byatt's Victorian Ghost Stories"
  • Michel Faber, "Eccentricity and Authenticity: Fact into Fiction"
  • Elisabeth Gruner, "Rev. of Charles Dickens in Cyberspace by Jay Clayton and Functions of Victorian Culture at the Present Time ed. by Christine L. Krueger

    Essays on Fiction

  • Grace Kehler, "Opera in the Family: Eliot's Daniel Deronda"
  • Simon Cooke, "Dangerous Subversives: The Role of Painters in Sensation Fiction"
  • Eric Levy, "Property Morality in The Mill on the Floss"


  • William Baker, "Wilkie Collins's Notes for The Moonstone"
  • Terry L. Meyers, "William Morris on Prostitution: A Letter of August 17, 1885"
  • David Latané, "An Unnoticed Really Bad Review of Browning's Strafford"

    Reviews and Review-essays

  • Paula Marantz Cohen, "Rev. of Victorian Literature and the Anorexic Body by Anna Krugovoy Silver"
  • Susan Hamilton, "Rev. of The Theological and Ethical Writings of Frances Power Cobbe, 1822-1904 by Sandra J. Peacock"
  • Leila S. May, "Rev. of The Flirt's Tragedy: Desire Without End in Victorian and Edwardian Fiction by Richard A. Kaye"
  • Sally Mitchell "Rev. of Chastity and Transgression in Women's Writing, 1792-1897: Interrupting the Harlot's Progress by Roxanne Eberle"
  • Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas "Rev. of Victorian Modernism: Pragmatism and the Varieties of Aesthetic Experience by Jessica R. Feldman"
  • Adrienne Munich, "Rev. of Henry and Mary Ponsonby: Life at the Court of Queen Victoria by William N. Kuhn"
  • Sophia Andres, "Rev. of George Eliot: A Bibliographical History by William Baker and John Ross"
  • Ana Vadillo, "Rev. of Women's Poetry and Religion in Victorian England. Jewish Identity and Christian Culture by Cynthia Scheinberg"

    Volume 30 (2002)

    Special Feature: Contemporary poets / Victorian poems
    • Dana Smith, "Every Man for His Own Hand"
    • Rodney Pybus, "Mariana Now"
    • Talvikki Ansel, "Thin Border"

    • Laura Callanan, "So Help Me God, the Truth and Not the Truth¹: Hyper-Realism and the Taxonomy of Truth-Seeking in the Royal Commission¹s Inquiry into the 1865 Jamaica Rebellion"
    • Donald Ulin, "Seeing the Country, Imagining a Nation: Tourism and Ideology in William Howitt¹s Rural Life of England"
    • Marie LaMonaca, "Virgins and Martyrs: Heroic Spinsterhood in Elizabeth Missing Sewell's The Experience of Life"
    • Virginia Zimmerman, "The Victorian Geologist: Reading the Relic and Writing Time"
    • Kristina Deffenbacher, "The Psychic Architecture of Urban Domestic Heroines: North and South and Little Dorrit"

    • Terry L. Meyers, "John Nichol¹s Visit to Virginia, 1865: 'The James River'"
    • John Kinsella, The Case of Elizabeth Deborah Brockman, Western Australian Poet
    • Lydia Murdoch, "Rev. of Unknown London: Early Modernist Visions of the Metropolis, 1815-45, ed. John Marriott"
    • Deborah A. Logan, "Rev. of Women and Literature in Britain 1800-1900, ed. Joanne Shattock"
    • Marlene Tromp, "Rev. of Time is of the Essence: Temporality, Gender, and the New Woman, by Patricia Murphy"
    • Roxanne Eberle, "Rev. of Victorian Babylon: People, Streets and Images in Nineteenth-Century London by Lynda Nead"
    • Catherine Waters, "Rev. of Dickens and Heredity: When Like Begets Like, by Goldie Morgentaler"
    • Sophia Andres, "Rev. of George Eliot And The British Empire, by Nancy Henry"
    • Helen Pike Bauer, "Rev. of Late Ruskin: New Contexts, by Francis O¹Gorman, and The Rescue of Romanticism: Walter Pater and John Ruskin, by Kenneth Daley"
    • Alison Case, "Rev. of The Victorian Governess Novel, by Cecilia Wadsö Lecaros"
    • Kris Lackey, "Rev. of Transcendental Wordplay: America¹s Romantic Punsters and the Search for the Language of Nature, by Michael West"
    • Andrew Maunder, "Rev. of William Tinsley (1831-1902): "Speculative Publisher, by Peter Newbolt"
    • Robert P. Fletcher, "Rev. of Harems of the Mind: Passages of Western Art and Literature, by Ruth Bernard Yeazell"
    • Michelle Mouton, "Rev. of The Political Pamphlets and Letters of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Related Pieces: A Mathematical Approach, ed. Francine F. Abeles"
    • Kay Heath, "Rev. of The Anthology and the Rise of the Novel, by Leah Price"
    • Editors¹ Choices (reviews of Laura Green, Educating Women; Leila May, Disorderly Sisters; Lynne Vallone, Becoming Victoria; Martin Garrett, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning)

    Volume 29 (2001)

    Special Feature: Literature & the Other Arts
    • F. S. Schwarzbach, "Twelve Ways of Looking at a Staffordshire Figurine: An Essay in Cultural Studies"
    • Elizabeth Howells, "On the Commodification of Eastern Art: John Frederick Lewis’s The Hhareem of 1850."
    • John R. Reed, "Jude’s Music: Music as Theme and Structure in Hardy’s Jude the Obscure"
    • Martin Danahay, "Sexuality and the Working-Class Child’s Body in Music Hall"
    • Charles Brownell, "Rev. of E. W. Godwin, Aesthetic Movement Architect and Designer, ed. Susan Weber Soros; and The Secular Furniture of E. W. Godwin, with a Catalogue Raisonné by Susan Weber Soros"
    • Srdjan Smajic, "Rev. of The Victorians and the Visual Imagination by Kate Flint"
    • Jonathan Silverman, "Rev. of Caverns of Night: Coal Mines in Art, Literature, and Film, ed. William B. Thesing"
    • Victoria Olsen, "Rev. of The Shock of the Real: Romanticism and Visual Culture, 1760-1860 by Gillen D'Arcy Wood
    • Rebecca Steinitz, "Travel Domesticity and Genre in Queen Victoria’s Journal of Our Life in the Highlands"
    • Aeron Haynie, "A Colonial Woman in the Literature of Empire: Margaret Oliphant’s The Doctor’s Family
    • William Baker, "'What a certainty of instinctive faith I have in heaven, and in the Mama’s living on': Unpublished letters of Mrs. Gaskell and unpublished Gaskell family letters"
    • Meri-Jane Rochelson, "Rev. of Amy Levy: Her Life and Letters , by Linda Hunt Beckman"
    • Ellen Bayuk Rosenman. "Rev. of The Spectacle of Intimacy: A Public Life for the Victorian Family, by Karen Chase and Michael Levenson"
    • Nicholas Frankel. "Rev. of The Fin de Siècle: A Reader in Cultural History c. 1880-1900, ed. By Sally Ledger and Roger Luckhurst; and New Woman Poets: An Anthology, ed. Linda Hughes"
    • Pamela K. Gilbert, "Rev. of Raw Material: Producing Pathology in Victorian Culture, by Erin O’Connor"
    • Susan Walsh, "Rev. of Allegories of Union in Irish and English Writing, 1790-1870: Politics, History, and the Family from Edgeworth to Arnold ., by Mary Jean Corbett"
    • Thomas J. Collins, "Rev. of The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Poetry, ed. Joseph Bristow"
    • Andrew Stauffer, "Rev. of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning: Interviews and Recollections, ed. Martin Garrett"
    • Mary Ellis Gibson, "Rev. of Traditions of Women’s Autobiography: The Poetics and Politics of Life Writing by Linda Peterson"

    Volume 28 (2000)

    • Adrienne Munich, "Good and Plenty: Queen Victoria Figures the Imperial Body
    • Ernest Fontana, "The Victorian Railway Poem: Rossetti to Hardy
    • Samuel Lyndon Gladden, "'Sebastian melmoth': Wilde's Parisian Exile as the Spectacle of Sexual, Textual Revolution
    • Temma Berg, "The Unruly Bodies of Evelyn De Morgan
    • Linda Gill, "The Unpardonable Sin: Lockwood's Dream in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights"
    • Albert D. Pionke, "Secreting Rebellion: From the Mutiny to the Moonstone"
    • Leslee Zillmer, "An Alpine Friendship: Unpublished Letters of John Ruskin to Emma Forman"
    • Paul Lewis, "Wilkie's Words: New Letters by Collins on the Web"
    • LuAnn McCracken Fletcher, "Rev. of Plotting Women: Gender and Narration in the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Novel by Alison Case"
    • Christine Alfano, "Rev. of George Eliot and Intoxication: Dangerous Drugs for the Condition of England by Kathleen McCormack"
    • Brenda Ayres, "Rev. of Kindred Nature: Victorian and Edwardian Women Embrace the Living World by Barbara Gates"
    • John Marx, "Rev. of Writing the Urban Jungle: Reading Empire in London from Doyle to Eliot by Joseph McLaughlin"
    Editors' Choices
    • The Child, the State, and the Victorian Novel by Laura Berry
    • Disraeli by Edgar Feuchtwanger
    • Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited by Sarah Quill

    Volume 27 (1999)

    Special Section: Gender in Victorian Culture
    • Nancy Martha West, "Men in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Masculinity, Photography, and the Death of Engraving in the Nineteenth Century."
    • Greg Howard, "Masculinity and Economics in Lady Audley's Secret ."
    • Judith Wylie, "Incarnate Crimes: Masculine Gendering and the Double in Jane Eyre."
    • Jim McDermott, "New Womanly Man: Feminized Heroism and the Politics of Compromise in The Warden."
    • David G. Riede, "Elizabeth Barrett's Poetry of Exile: Difficulties of a Female Christian Romanticism."
    • Patrick Scott, "Anatomizing Professionalism: medicine, Authorship, and R. L. Stevenson's 'The Body-Snatcher'."
    • Mary Pollock, "'Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day,' Browning's Questions in the Dark."
    • Patricia E. Johnson, "Art and Assassination in Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton."
  • Virginia Zimmerman, Rev. of Gideon Mantell and the Discovery of Dinosaurs by Dennis R. Dean.



    Volume 26 (1998)

    Special Section: George Eliot
      Review Essay

    Volume 25 (1997)

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