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Victorians Institute Conference

2017 Conference:

Victorian Recovery

Furman University
Greenville, SC

13-14 October 2017

Keynote Speaker:
Pamela Gilbert, University of Florida

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Victorian Recovery

Victorians Institute

2016: North Carolina State University
14-15 October

"Victorian STEAM"

NC State
Keynote speaker: Alison Byerly (Lafayette College)

2015: Converse College
2-3 October

"Victorian Work and Labor"

Omni Hotel
Keynote speaker: Susan Fraiman (University of Virginia)

2014: Winthrop University / Omni Charlotte Hotel
24-25 October

"The Mysteries at Our Own Doors"

Omni Hotel
Keynote speaker: Marlene Tromp (Arizona State University)

2013: Middle Tennessee State University
November 1-2

“Through the Looking Glass”

Scott House
Keynote speaker: Jay Clayton (Vanderbilt)

2012: Virginia Commonwealth University
October 21-22

“Victorian Mixed Media”

Scott House
Keynote speakers: W.J.T. Mitchell (Chicago); Herbert Tucker (Virginia)

2011: Myrtle Beach, SC
October 21-22

“Charles Dickens: Past, Present, and Future”

Images from the 2011 Conference

South Carolina
Keynote speaker: Audrey Jaffe, U of Toronto

2010: University of Virginia
October 3-4

“By the Numbers: The Victorian Quantification of Everything; or From Zero to NINES in Under Two Centuries”

2010 Conference Program Keynote speaker: Dan Cohen,
                         George Mason U
2009: Converse College
October 16-17

“Creativity and the Arts in Victorian Culture”

South Carolina
Keynote speaker: Linda Peterson, Yale U

2008: University of South Carolina
October 3-4

“Disrupting Victorian Studies:  Inconvenient Facts, Shocking Discoveries, Surprising Events, Forgotten Voices, Unknown Writings, Mangled Texts”

2008 Conference Program Keynote speaker: Ian Duncan, UC Berkeley

2007: University of Alabama
November 9-10

“Victorian Secrets”


Keynote speaker: John Kucich, Rutgers U

2006: Converse College
October 20-21

“Gender and Reform in Victorian Culture”

2006 Conference Program Keynote speaker: Alison Booth, U Virginia